Did you know that I love to read tarot at private parties and corporate events? If you in the Cupertino, California area and want me to read tarot for your party or corporate event, email me at que@aqleqtictarot.com and let’s get the conversation started!

Personal Tarot Readings

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of the internal and external energies at play in your life, a tarot reading can help you gain the clarity and insight that you need. By using my intuition, sight beyond seeing, as well as my knowledge of astrology, numerology, other aspects of spirituality as well as my knowledege of tarot, together we can reveal the energy and influences of your life at the present moment. Personal situations that can be explored through tarot include: Work/Career, Family Life, Love & Relationships, as well as your personal spiritual path. Through the lens of tarot, we will work together to learn where your potential for growth, healing, foward momentum, and expansion lives. Come to your tarot session with an open heart and mind to receive the messages that need to be known.

It is my sincere intention that you walk away from our time together with the answers and clarity you need.

If you are ready to get the answers you need, click the button below to schedule your 30 minute or 1 hour personal reading with me via phone (for USA clients) or Zoom (for International clients).

Classes & Webinars

Are you interestd in learning more about certain spiritual topics? Do you want to learn how to take your practice to the next level so that you can IMPROVE YOUR LIFE or the lives of your loved ones? If the answer is ‘yes’, join me, Q. for an upcoming class or webinar! Be sure to check back frequently to see the classes and sessions being offered!

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Tutoring & Spiritual Consultations

Aqleqtic Tarot offers both tutoring and spiritual consultations for people who aspire to learn more about reading and divining with tarot, as well as go from ‘armchair magician’ and ‘spirital spellwork theorist’ to hands on practical spiritual application. Tutoring sessions are private, 1 on 1 direct tutoring in learning tarot or how to do certain spiritual workings. Spiritual consultations are best for people who have a specific issue in which they think that magick can help to solve. During the private spiritual consultation, we will discuss your issue at length, and then discuss how magick, if possible can help you achieve your goal or solve your problem.

Ready to get started? Schedule your private tutoring session or private spiritual consultation with Q. now!

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What Clients Are Saying…

“Q. is the truth. I asked one question and she was accurate in her reading of my situation. I’ve been second guessing myself but now I have the confidence and reassurance that I’m on the right path. Thank you so much!”

Natalie C.

“I just got my reading from Q. and I can’t even express enough how spot on she was with everything. She read my situation gave me great advice and motivation and even picked up on and spoke to me about things I didn’t even ask about or mention. I will definitely be back for another reading and I am so grateful and appreciative of her. Peace and blessings!”

Shaunna M.

“I got an AMAZING reading from Q.! She was able to shed light about my current state of mind along with the shadow work I need to do. She was able to pick up my natural gift for manifestation and how to better it! Everything she said resonated and I’ll be following up with her for sure!”

Kimi K.

About Q.

In the ‘mundane’ world, Q. is a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a pet mom, and someone who is dedicated to uplifting others by way of volunteering. She has a degree in Sociology, and is professionally trained and worked in the field of IT and Cybersecurity from 2013-2020.

Spiritually speaking, Q. is thrice clairgifted (clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant), a hoodoo by birth, blood, and culture, as well as a practitioner of other practices. Tarot is Q.’s divination and clarity seeking tool of choice. In late 2018, Q.’s spiritual court pushed her to offer her divination skills to the public in form of tarot readings, which gave birth to Aqleqtic Tarot in 2019. Although tarot reading has become extremely popular in recent years, Q. takes what she does very seriously, and it is Q.’s desire to truly help her clients understand the energies currently at play in their lives during a tarot session. As time progressed and as Q. expanded her knowledge and experiences (and continues to do so to this day), she was then pushed to help others via sharing and teaching what she knows spiritually to people who are interested, willing to learn, & ready to improve their lives.

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